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Integration of measurement systems

We integrate components from different vendors with customized software, creating integrated measurement solutions.

Complete systems are using different technologies to provide optimal solution to measurement challenges:

  • Data storage and visualization,
  • Devices synchronization and communication,
  • Power supply for all components.
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Embedded devices development

99% percent of measurement problems can be solved without custom hardware. But in 1% of cases it can be simplest and most economical solution. We design hardware and software for custom devices, used in build measurement systems, as OEM components or standalone devices.

Product development consulting

Building complex systems requires interdisciplinary knowledge, constantly following technological news and learning about latest technology.

We use our experience and skillset to help our customers design and build new products, utilising state of the art technology.

Reactive applications in .NET

We create applications for .NET platform, using Reactive Extensions, ReactiveUI and WPF.

They can be created within few weeks and work great with devices we integrate or design.

Electronics design

We create schematics and PCB for devices ranging from simplest single layer designs, with discrete components to precise analog measurement components with 4 layers, fast digital and analog circuits.

Embedded C and C++ develompment

We create most of our embedded software in C++, and use C for integration with thirdparty components.

Great performance, high code quality are natural consequence of carefully selected tools and process.

We will enjoy solving challenges of your project!

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