Do you want to work in a place where your software ends up in millions of cars? A place where we can take care of raising the quality of this software, using best practices (because reducing the risk of error by 0.001% is worth it) and at the same time you have a significant influence on how we work?
Where testing means both good design and fully automated testing of the whole machine?

We’d love to tell you about current projects, successes and challenges you could help us with. If none of the offers are ideal for you – email and we’ll see if we can build an interesting role around your unique skills.

DevOps Engineer


B2B > 100 PLN/h | UoP > 11k PLN gross

Are you missing a challange? Would you like to deliver top quality software in the shortest possible time? Are you fan
of automation and process optimization? Do you enjoy parallelizing and dispersing processes on many machines or in the cloud? Join us! Your skills will be welcome in our projects.
You will be involved in the development of our Continuous Integration and Deployment environment. You will contribute to modernization and development in the automotive industry.


    • C/C++ applications on Linux/QNX/Android/RTOS (C++17, BOOST, CMake) 
    • Platform development based on Android(AOSP)/QNX/Linux(Yocto) 
    • Tools for testing our solutions (Python, pytest, behave) 
    • Automatic tests on target devices (Python, pytest, Jenkins) 
    • Development environment for developers (Python, docker, Ansible) 
    • Improving everyone’s work with static code analysis (clang-tidy, coverity, SonarQube, BlackDuck Pro) 


    • High quality review 
    • Work with experienced team where you can still develop 
    • Advanced process of continuous integration and deployment process – software tests are fully automated 
    • Possibility of remote access to hardware 
    • Modern office in the centre of Cracow (district
      – Podgórze)
    • Possibility of remote workdepending on the level of implementation 
    • Work with Scandinavian client 
    • Possibility to calculate remuneration in foreign currency 


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    • wonder if IoT and new technologies can help your business,
    • want to upgrade your products,
    • are not satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions because don’t meet your requirements,
    • have any other question and suspect that we know the answer


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